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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Management Board,

“Nothing is so constant as daily change.” These words by Heraclitus could not have greater meaning than in today’s world, in which companies have to assert themselves in a constantly changing environment. The dynamics of the VUCA world present us with new challenges every day that we have to face:

  • Sustainable energy supply and security
  • Stable and secure supply chains
  • Volatile pricing
  • Shortage of resources and skilled workers
  • Wage and material costs

Introduction of a robust operating model to meet the challenges of the VUCA world

It is important to respond to the challenges. A robust and resilient operating model helps here. It is the bridge between strategy and operations. The operating model translates strategic intentions into operational capabilities.

How the implementation takes place in the operation is clearly defined from and with the operating model. It enables employees to get involved in strategy implementation and to derive and define their roles and responsibilities within the framework of processes and technology.

The following levers result from a functioning and practiced operating model:

  • Increase in business performance
  • Efficiency gains of between 15-20% across the entire E2E value chain
  • Scalable growth and shorter response times | Time-to-market of 15-25% on customer requirements
  • Clear decision-making processes and fact-based decisions with a holistic governance structure from strategy to operational implementation
  • High transparency with end-to-end risk management

Even a functioning operating model needs a critical look from time to time. A holistic view of the E2E value chain with a total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment is a key success factor here.

I am convinced that the introduction of a robust operating model will make a significant contribution to overcoming our current challenges.

I would be pleased to be at your disposal for an exchange and an initial discussion.

Best regards

Stefan Pletsch