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Inside Story

Introduction of a robust Operating Model to manage in a VUCA world

“Nothing is so constant as daily change.” These words by Heraclitus could not have greater meaning than in today’s world, in which companies have to assert themselves in a constantly changing environment.

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Interview: „Smart Services are the Future“

Jörg Niemann, professor of industrial engineering at Düsseldorf University of Applied
Sciences, in conversation with Stefan Pletsch, partner at i-tec Business Consulting, a consulting
firm specializing in digital transformation processes.

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5G and internet of things in logistics

Private 5G-Mobilfunknetze (Campus-Netze) unterstützen Automatisierung und Robotik…

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The digital transformation of business models in a practical and successful way

The business world is only at the beginning of an exponential development, almost all industries are experiencing the digital transformation and yet it feels as if we have already…

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Gas stations have developed into smart shopping centers; Rewe-To-Go is just one example. Sales are largely generated by supplying drivers, the actual purpose of the gas station has mutated into a beverage and food store. Refueling and car accessories have become secondary places.

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